(Note: in 2022/2023, we are in Year 3: High Medieval through Early Explorers)

How it works.  

Stay tuned for the list of books for each level.

Innocens Level

Ages 4, 5

Beginner Level

Ages 6, 7, 8

Grammar Level

Ages 9, 10, 11

Logic Level

Ages 12, 13, 14

Rhetoric Level

Ages 15, 16, 17


If your family is already committed to another full time curriculum or you are assessing whether the Hillside Program is right for you there is an option to consider.

The two youngest Levels (Innocens and Beginner) are structured so that a family may perform a minimal level of work during  home learning days 1-4 and still be prepared to contribute in a positive way during class on day 5.   This same minimal workload may be extended to the (every four week) presentation each student prepares on a topic.  The benefit is to allow a student in your family to participate at Hillside without taking on another full curriculum.  

Benefits:  Allows your family to participate in a meaningful way without adding atop of an already full curriculum schedule. Cost savings, on purchasing an entire book package.

Concerns:  The Hillside Program is intended as a serious aid to the academic enrichment of the homeschool families participating. But it is not a social club.  Families are asked to prepare their children to the best of their ability for participation in class each week and be especially prepared for the presentation that takes place every four weeks.  When a student is best prepared the other students gain from their example when participating and presenting. We also do not want a student to be self conscious because he is not properly prepared. 

This option may work for your child who is enrolled  in the Innocens and Beginner Levels however it will be more difficult when attempting it at the Grammar Level and above where the necessary workload increases. 

Please contact us if this option seems the best fit for your family.