What books will my family need to purchase?

For all Levels, Parents will need the RCHistory Syllabus and Family Daily Lesson Plan Volume 1.  Only one is necessary per family (covers all Levels). This will be purchased through the Hillside Program. To browse some of the books by level please see the links below.  Please contact us for a full listing of books.

Some of the books listed below you may already own and many are available through your local library. Family friends are also a good resource to check before purchasing.  You are not required to purchase new or purchase through the Hillside Program but please keep in mind that if you purchase the RCHistory books new through Hillside there is a discount available.  


History, Literature – RCHistory Level Books

Science – Behold and See

St. Joseph First Communion Catechism (No. 0)


History, Literature, Composition – RCHistory Grammar Level Books

Science – Behold and See 6


History, Literature, Composition – RCHistory Logic Level Books

Science – Novare General Biology


History, Literature, Composition – RCHistory Logic Rhetoric Books

Science – Novare General Biology

Religious Studies – Book of Isaiah