Common Arts of the Liturgical Life in the Catholic Church

A course for Logic and Rhetoric

Course content designed for Logic Leve; Rhetoric Level students welcome: Students must
have strong reading skills, commitment to finish projects outside of class time, and
basic sewing skills. Students are expected to be organized in their note taking. A
strong interest in history, plus a desire to work with your hands to create crafts that
serve the home and the Church is a must!
Please note: Course includes multiple crafts that will require purchased materials,
and a time commitment outside of class.

Focal Topics
– Rope Rosary Beads, Beeswax Candles, Oil Lamps, Sewing for the Home, Crafting
and Laundering Liturgical Linens, Stained Glass, Reliefs, Carvings, Frescos, Basic
*Please note due to the nature of projects some may not be completed as they were in Medieval
times. For example, we will not be using lead to create Stained Glass images. The history will be taught for each project, and where feasible recreations of projects will be made.
*Please note we will not be physically making everything covered. The instructor will choose a few for the students to choose from.


  • Sewing Church Linens, Elizabeth Morgan
  •  Laundering Liturgical Linens, Angelus Press
  • Commonplace notebook
  • Pencil
  • Highlighter
  • Ruler Basic art supplies: gum eraser, colored pencils, water colored pencils or any
    other art medium preferred for sketching and note taking
  • Various materials related to the common arts we’re studying. This specialized
    list, including sewing and embroidery supplies, will be provided one month in advance of the start of class.
    *Please note additional course literature will be added before the start of class.
The Common Arts are skills that help solve a problem and provide a service. They tend
to the basic human needs by crafting a solution. Our Church needs to portray Truth,
Beauty, and Goodness. The Light of Christ needs to shine forth through her for all the
world to see. Altars need to be protected, windows need to tell stories, and people need
light! Our Domestic Church also has needs that we can create solutions for. In fact, this
is part of living our vocations! To use our hands and our hearts to prepare and pray.
Whether the linen is for the Altar of the Lord, or your table at home, we can learn the
proper way to create and utilize these Liturgical and Domestic Common Arts.

Chesterton states on education
““Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to
Throughout the year, we will explore these common art traditions while considering
the importance of Art in the Church and in our lives. Students will see that time and
work are a common thread of the past. This course aims to provide students with basic
skills, as well as foster the virtues of patience, and fortitude. We will learn how to
organize our notebooks, acknowledge our weak points, and enhance our strengths, all
for the glory of God in His Church, and our homes. With this we can serve Our Lord, and
Our Neighbors in love with the work of our hands.
This common arts course is about some of the types of arts and crafts needed for the
Church and the home. In line with fulfilling the duty of creating items needed to meet a
human need, students enrolling in this course will be expected to show responsibility
and participation in the course.